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How to Get to The ABBA Museum: A Comprehensive Guide

ABBA Museum is located in Djurgårdsvägen, two km (2.24 miles) from Stockholm central station.

Tram Line 7 is the best way to get to the ABBA Museum from the central station. 

  • Tram nr 7 – stop at Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund
  • Bus nr 67 – stop at Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund
  • Djurgården Ferry – stop at Allmänna Gränd
  • M/S Emelie Ferry – stop at Allmänna Gränd

How to Get to ABBA Museum By Bus


Hop on bus number 67, which runs from Odenplan to Blockhusudden. 

The bus has 20 stops, and the journey will take around 33 minutes.

Depart at Liljevalchs/Grona Lund bus stop and walk west to the Abba Museum.

It is a short walk to the entrance of the ABBA Museum.

How to Get to ABBA Museum by Train Station  

ABBA Museum by Train Station

If you arrive in Stockholm by train, your first stop will be the Central Station (Stockholms Central Station).

You can take a short walk (approximately 15 minutes) from the Central Station to the museum or hop on a train to T-Centralen (Stockholm’s central metro station).

You can also take tram line 7 from T-Centralen Sparv to Stockholm Liljevalc Grona Lund. 

Alternatively, you can take the Line 13 subway from T-Centralen T-bana to Karlaplan T-bana, then hop on bus Line 67 from Karlaplan T-bana to Stockholm Liljevalc Gona Lund.

ABBA Museum By Metro

ABBA Museum By Metro

Take the Green Line (T17) from T-Centralen (Stockholm’s central metro station) towards Skarpnack.

Alternatively, you can take a red line (T13) heading towards Norsborg. 

Board the train and get off at the next stop, the “Djurgården” station.

Driving Directions to ABBA Museum

To reach the ABBA Museum, follow the simple steps.

  • Follow signs towards Stockholm city center.
  • Continue driving towards Djurgarden.
  • Look for signs leading to Djurgårdsvagen.
  • Follow Djurgardsvagen until you reach the ABBA Museum.

How to Get to The ABBA Museum From Old Town?

Two ferry services (Djurgarden and M/S Emelie) are available for the ABBA Museum.

The Djurgarden Ferry departs from a terminal near Slussen, situated in the old town of Gamla Stan. 

Before reaching its final stop at Allmanna Grand on Djurgarden Island, it makes an optional stop at Skeppsholmen Island.

On the other hand, M/S Emelie Ferry leaves from Nybroviken and Hammarby Siostad and also from Masthamen by the Viking Line Ferry terminal. 

The Djurgarden Ferry will take about 10 minutes, while the M/S Emelie Ferry will take eight minutes to reach the ABBA Museum.

How to Get to Abba Museum From a Cruise Ship?

There is no direct connection from the ABBA Museum to Stockholm Port.

However, you can take bus line 76 to Stockholm Dyurgardesborn and walk to Stockholm Djurgardsbron.

From there, take the Line 7 tram to Stockholm Lijevalc Grona Lund and walk to the ABBA Museum. 

How to Get to the ABBA Museum From the Airport?

Two bus services: airport bus or Arlanda Express, depart from the airport towards Stockholm Central Station.

Upon reaching Stockholm’s central station, take either the Red Line (T13) subway going towards Norsborg or the Green Line (T17) towards Skarpnack. 

Then, depart at “Djurgarden” station, and from there, you can walk to the ABBA Museum.

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