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ABBA Museum Events

ABBA The Musem in Stockholm, Sweden, allows you to become the band’s fifth member by performing on their large stage.

It is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Sunday and until 8 pm Thursday

The ABBA Museum hosts various events, with Fan Event among the notable events featuring the remastered movie, including rare behind-the-scenes shots from the 1977 tour. 

Additionally, a new temporary exhibition, ‘the ABBA Voyage Exhibition,’ debuted on 7 May 2023.

It showcased the creation of ABBA’s recent album, Voyage, and their innovative virtual concert experience. 

The exhibition featured exclusive interviews with artists and crew members and footage from the Abba Voyage experience at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. 

Moreover, the museum offers a combination ticket for ABBA The Museum and Avicii Experience. 

The ABBA Museum and Avicii Experience combo ticket lets you experience some of the largest artists that changed Swedish music history.

Listed below is detailed information on events of ABBA Museum:

Phone Booth

“If it rings, they should answer it because it will be a member of ABBA calling.”

In a room dedicated to the song Ring, Ring features a chunky red phone whose number only four people know.

The four people are none other than the ABBA members Agnetha Faeltskog, Benny Andersson, Bjoern Ulvaeus, and Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad.

Next to it is a sign board that says if it rings, they should pick it up because it will be a member of ABBA calling. 

Mattias Hansson (CEO of ABBA Museum) affirmed that “it will be a real phone call from the members, and they all have promised to call regularly.”

So if you’re lucky enough to be near it when it rings, don’t hesitate to answer—it’ll be ABBA calling you!


Visitors at the exhibition can become the fifth member of ABBA and perform on a big hologram stage with the four members.

The exhibition presents the story of ABBA in both analog and digital forms.

ABBA’s costumes can be tried on virtually and visitors can sing, play quizzes, and mix original music.

Visitors can perform on a large hologram stage with Bjorn, Benny, Frida, and Agnetha.

Abba Memorabilia 

Visitors can view personal belongings of the ABBA band, such as gifts, letters from fans, original furniture, clothes, private photographs, notes, and more. 

The replicas come with photos of the real room to show what it looked like.

The Polar Studio replica has almost everything in its original state, including Benny’s piano, Bjorn’s guitars, Frida’s and Agnetha’s microphones, and note stands.

The Gold Room has the members’ original spectacular stage outfits, gold records, and record covers.

Wall of Fans 

When you visit the Wall of Fans at ABBA The Museum, you see a cool display celebrating ABBA fans worldwide.

They showcase the Agnetha Benny Björn Frida Fan Club, which started in 1986. You’ll see the club’s story, along with gifts and contributions from fans to ABBA.

The wall gives you a visual peek into the strong connection between the famous pop group and its dedicated followers.

It’s like a lively snapshot of the fan club’s journey, highlighting the shared love and excitement between ABBA and their fans. 

ABBA The Voyage Exhibition

On May 7, 2023, ABBA The Museum opened the ABBA Voyage Exhibition.

The exhibition showcases the making of ABBA’s latest album and the groundbreaking virtual concert experience.

It features exclusive interviews, footage, and stage costumes designed by B Åkerlund in collaboration with leading designers like Dolce Gabbana and Michael Schmidt.

The exhibition will be temporary but remain at ABBA The Museum for at least two years.

ABBA The Museum (permanent exhibition)

ABBA The Museum offers an extraordinary experience. It features original costumes, gold records, and other memorabilia.

But it’s not just about the exhibits. Visitors can feel like they’re onstage with ABBA, singing at the famous Polar Studio, or dressing up in their legendary costumes (virtually).

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